ON Sunday mornings...



We know it can be difficult to leave your baby with someone new. Instead of having a rotating schedule in the nursery, we have a paid nursery worker at the 10AM service. This provides much more consistency from week to week and allows them to get to know you and your child. We also have a numeric call system to contact you during the service if the need arises.


At the 10 AM service children are released to Summit Kids during the sermon portion of the service. We value worship and believe it is important for families to worship together.

Summit Kids is our Sunday morning children’s ministry. We use an interactive story-based curriculum.

- Interactive means that we use a variety of hands-on activities that engage the children in various learning techniques.

- Story-Based means that the classic stories of the Bible form the basis for each lesson.


Childhood is a strategic time for Biblical instruction. Kids are very open to learning about God and they love hearing the Bible stories. We believe that this is an ideal time to build a foundation of Biblical literacy on foundational stories like David and Goliath, Joshua and Jericho, and the life of Jesus.

It is also a time when they are open to the message of salvation. By educating our kids in the stories found in the Bible, we build in them a foundation that prepares them for more difficult teaching and Biblical concepts as they get older.




AWANA is our midweek children’s program. AWANA is a biblically based Bible club that effectively disciples children. Kids rotate between three activities to provide a variety of learning formats. Our AWANA club meets Monday Nights at 6:15 - 8:00 (Sep-Apr) and is open to kids from pre-k to 6th grade.