It’s time to pray

As you know, we have been planning to build a house for Habitat for Humanity. CLICK HERE to watch a promo video about this project.

We found out this week that the project has been delayed. The reason is that Habitat for Humanity has not been warmly received by the HOA in the neighborhood where this house will be located. They have delayed approving the blueprints for the home and have requested changes well beyond the scope of reasonable CC&R’s. We are now less than 8 weeks away from the date we had planned to build and we still don’t have approval for the final plans for the home. Approval of the plans is needed so that we can then break them down into workable sections for our portion of the project. We aren’t at a point yet where we need to postpone the project but the window is closing awfully fast.

I’m asking all of you to pray. The Bible says that God can change the heart of a king; I know he can change the hearts of an HOA in Meridian, Idaho. We want to help meet a need in our community and show the love of Jesus to a U.S. military veteran. Let’s seek the Lord together and ask him to grant approval for this project.


Pastor Brian Merz