About Us

Families come in all shapes and sizes: single parent, multi-generational, blended, parents of fur babies, you name it. We hope to help you partner with God to build healthy relationships in your family. Our desire is to be real so we can help one another.

Family Events

Throughout the year we host events designed for kids and their families.

Upcoming Events


Resources for Families

There’s a lot of voices out there talking about our culture, our marriages, our struggles, our kids; and it can be just a bunch of noise. On our resources page you’ll find links to experts who are transparent, honest, and compassionate, reliable, and firm in their commitment that there is truth and hope in the Bible.

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Nursing Lounge

For moms who desire it, we provide a nursing lounge on our Main Level, right across from the nursery. It’s a nice place to sit and has a changing table with diapers, wipes, and a diaper pail.


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