Summit Church History

In the early 1950’s, a group of people at First Baptist Church in downtown Boise wanted to reach west Boise with the gospel. That desire ultimately led them to plant another Baptist church in the growing city of Boise.  They called that new church Second Baptist and began its ministry on May 13, 1955. The church built its first building a year later on Curtis Road, just south of St. Alphonsus Hospital. That area was the heart of west Boise in the 1950’s.

2nd Baptist Church Cornerstone

2nd Baptist Church Cornerstone

The church outgrew that building and decided to relocate in the 1970’s. They retained their original vision of reaching west Boise with the gospel as they looked for a new location. Boise was also growing and the area considered “west Boise” had moved. A member of Second Baptist Church was a developer who said that the intersection of Overland and Five Mile was slated to become a major retail center for west Boise. Though it was only corn fields at the time, the church built its current facility in 1976. An addition was added to the building in 1998.

The congregation voted to change its name to The Summit Church in 2009.

One important facet of our history is that in over 60 years of ministry there have been only five Sr. Pastors and we have never experienced a church split. The Summit Church has a history of unity and longevity that we believe is a strong testimony to our community.

Though the location and name have both changed since 1955, our vision remains the same. God has called us to be light for the gospel in west Boise. We are excited that God continues to use us in this community and abroad through our missions work. We hope you join us as we continue this mission!