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Everyone has a junk drawer at home. It’s where you keep the miscellaneous items that don’t really have any other spot. That’s what this page is: stuff that we want you to know or be aware of that doesn’t fit neatly into any of the other categories. I hope it helps you stay informed of the things going on behind the scenes at The Summit.

August 22

I learned last week that some of the families at Shouts of Grace, the Swahili church, do not have enough food. I have spoken with Pastor Moses about this and I want The Summit to be aware of how this is being handled. The reason is that this is a delicate situation that must be handled well. My desire to “fix” everything isn’t always the most helpful reaction. As a result, we need to act in ways that are most beneficial to these families while ensuring they have enough to eat. So here’s our plan at this point. First, we have decided to give all of the produce from The Summit Garden to families in Shouts of Grace. I spoke with the distribution center where we had been taking the produce and they fully support this decision. The boxes of vegetables in our lobby each week are now being given to Shouts of Grace. We are on track to grow 2,000 pounds of vegetables and this will make a significant difference for our friends. Second, I am working with Moses and the other leaders to connect them with various resources in our community. This includes additional resources for food and also the gap ministries of Love INC that can help them stretch their budgets. Our desire is to help them over the long haul. Like all benevolence work, this needs to be handled in a way that affirms the dignity of each family. I’m thankful for the folks who brought this to my attention and I will keep the church informed if there are additional ways we can help.

August 15

Missions is a focus at The Summit. 10% of all giving goes toward missions and we send teams overseas every year. We want to do a good job communicating about our various missionaries. As a result, I’ve asked Chad to make some additions to the Missions display outside the sanctuary. First, we will add the organization and country where each missionary serves. This will help you see the various places where The Summit is helping spread the gospel. Second, we will add the organizations that we support as well. This will include the Boise Rescue Mission, Love INC, Africa New Life, and Free Wheelchair Ministry. I hope these additions help folks at the Summit better understand how the money they give toward missions is being used around the world.

August 8, 2019

New Coffee: Last week, we began using coffee from Awakenings Coffee House. It’s actually from Identity Coffee Roasters. Awakenings is the name of the store, Identity is the name of the roasters. There’s a ministry reason for this change. We had a demographic study of the area around The Summit Church completed for the search committee. This demographic study helped them prepare the prospectus for our next Sr. Pastor. It also provided our current staff with lots of helpful insights into the families who live in our community. The largest demographic group around our church is called “Promising Young Families.” These are the folks buying all those new homes south of our building. The study included things that are important to this group. Having grown up with Starbucks and Dutch Bros, this group of adults appreciates good coffee with real dairy products. As a result, we decided to look into providing better coffee and real half & half at The Summit. Awakenings Coffee House was the logical first place to look. They are a Christian business that’s almost right across the street and some of their proceeds support Safe Place Ministries. It turns out that Awakenings already supplies coffee to seven churches in town. The Summit will be the eighth. Let’s be clear: serving better coffee isn’t going to save someone. However, it does communicate an important message. First, it demonstrates we understand the things that are important to our visitors. Second, when they see that our coffee supports a ministry for abused women, it also shows that we care about our community. I hope you enjoy the new coffee. We tried it side-by-side with our current coffee and it was significantly better. I also hope that small changes like this help us effectively reach out to our community.

August 1, 2019

Volunteers needed for tech ministry: We are currently building two teams at church to help with technology. One team will do SEO, geofencing, and targeted ads through social media to help The Summit reach people who live in our community. If you understand that last sentence, then you are the kind of person I’m looking for. The other team will oversee the hardware at church including our WiFi access points, our office network, and the HVAC computers. If you are interested in serving on either of these teams for The Summit’s technology ministry, contact me or Martie Penick, our volunteer coordinator. Eventually, I would like to have a Summit Church app that would allow people to access the Sunday bulletin and announcements through their mobile device and would include features like an integrated podcast for the sermon and tools for our 5 Habits. Again, let me know if you want to help develop and oversee an app for The Summit Church.

Announcements on Sunday: The staff has discussed numerous times where announcements should appear in the service and some of you have recently given us your input. I want you to know that we listen to your input and strive to make our Sunday services as effective as possible. We used to do announcements at the beginning of the service but found many folks weren’t in the room yet. Then we moved them to the middle of the service but some folks commented that this interrupted the flow of our worship experience. So we tried moving announcement to the end of the service after the sermon. This made it awkward to call for a response during Easter and the Escape Series. Then we tried getting rid of announcements altogether and just putting relevant information on our website and eNews. This caused us to miss people who don’t use these avenues and it kept visitors from knowing what’s going on in the life of the church. We believe it’s appropriate to rally the whole congregation for things like our service day at Peppermint Park so we’ve decided to keep announcements as part of the service. But as you can see, there’s no easy answer for where to have them. At this point, we will have them just before the sermon at the 8:30 service. Everyone is in the room at that point and there are occasionally things I need to say anyway, like the postponement of our project with Habitat for Humanity. At the 10:00 service, there is a natural break when we bring the kids forward for prayer. We are going to have our announcements then. Again, everyone has arrived by then and this allows both parents and kids to hear what going on in the church.