It has been a fairly quiet time but the nationwide distribution of our Prospectus is now drawing to a close. Reverend Patti Duckworth and the team at Mission Northwest are presently accumulating, assessing, and vetting the applications they have received and report that we should soon get the resumes of those candidates they feel are the best suited to fill our position at The Summit. Our constitutional requirement that the Senior Pastor must be an ordained American Baptist minister and our Prospectus requirements that the candidates have a preferred minimum of 10 years full time pastoral experience including experience managing multiple staff has reduced the pool somewhat but we believe that this is good. We solicit your continued prayers for both the Search Team as well as the candidates who are putting portions of their lives on hold as we move closer to the evaluation phase.

We thank you for your continued support of our church and our programs as we move through this time of transition. It has been a slower process than some anticipated but we are now getting closer to the actual evaluation and selection time, and we, the Pulpit Committee, hope to soon be able to present a candidate for your confirmation. As a reminder, the Voting Membership of the congregation will make the final decision by ballot at a special meeting called just for that purpose.