It's been a long but fruitful year since the Search Committee began its work, and we are now very pleased with the initial feedback and response we have heard to our recommendation that Brian Merz be elected as our next Senior Pastor.

Attendance and discussion were good at the Saturday morning brunch for church leaders, and the church basement was full at the church potluck. Many of you already knew parts of Brian's background but you got to hear more of his story, his goals and the aspirations that he has for our church. His "Back to the Future" theme should serve us well as we build on the dreams of our founders and become a vibrant church serving this growing section of Boise that they correctly envisioned 70 years ago. Thank you for the support for Brian that we are sensing and for the excitement that we felt during the discussions.

The special election to confirm our recommendation will be Sunday, October 13th. The Ministry Board is making provisions to accept absentee ballots prior to the 13th if you will be unable to vote in person that Sunday. All absentee ballots will have to be turned in by October 10th. Brian's confirmation will require a 30% quorum of the voting membership and a 2/3 favorable vote.