"Discovering Your Price Point" - Mark 10:17-22


  1. Who is this man and what do we know about him from the account here and in the two other accounts contained in Matthew 19:16-30 and Luke 18:18-30?
  2. Why do you think Mark included in his account that the man came and knelt before Jesus?  What does Mark want us to know about this man?
  3. In what way does this man address Jesus and in what way did Jesus respond?  Why do you think Jesus responded the way he did?
  4. What was question this man wanted Jesus to answer?  Why do you think he would ask such a question of Jesus?
  5. How does Jesus initially answer the question in verse 19?  Why do you think Jesus answered in the way that He did?
  6. In what way did the man respond to Jesus answer referring him to the commandments of God?  What commandments did Jesus refer him to and why do you think it was the portion of the commandments that deal with relationships with others?
  7. What does it mean that in response to the man's answer (vs.20) Jesus looked at him and felt a love for him?  Why?
  8. What is the "one thing" the man lacks and why is it a loving answer by Jesus to a sincere question?
  9. What three things did Jesus tell the man to do and how do these three things resonate with what Jesus instructed in Mark 8:34-37?
  10. What does Jesus teach us in this passage about the value of treasure in heaven and the value of treasure on earth?
  11. In what way do you think treasure in heaven is related to inheriting eternal life (the man's original question)?  Or Not?
  12. What was the "price point" the man was unwilling to pay to achieve eternal life?
  13. Why do you think the man, as sincere as he was about wanting to know what he could do to achieve eternal life would in the end, value that which is temporal over that which is eternal?  In what way is this still true today?
  14. The text tells us that upon hearing Jesus answer the man was saddened and went away grieving.  Why do you think he was sad and what was he grieving?
  15. Why do you think Jesus did not pursue or at least attempt to continue a conversation with this young man about his decision?
  16. In what way does this story help us see the sincere love that Jesus had for this young man? 
  17. What is it that Mark wanted each of us to know about Jesus and understand about His love for each of us?  In what ways is this story about each of us?
  18. What have you learned from this "rich young ruler" that you can apply to your life this coming week?
Benjamin Steiner