"Following Jesus" - Mark 10:32-45


  1. Why do you think those following Jesus to Jerusalem were both amazed and fearful?
  2. Why do you think Jesus felt the need to once again share with His disciples exactly why He was going to Jerusalem?
  3. In what way does what Jesus shares in verses 33 – 34 address the amazement and fear of those that are following Him?
  4. What do you think James and John were thinking that would lead them to make the request they made in verse 37?  What was the request?
  5. What does it mean to sit on the right hand and the left hand of Jesus in His glory? What were they really asking for?
  6. In what way did Jesus respond to their request?  Think about the possible ways in which Jesus could have responded.  Given the number of possible responses available, why do you think Jesus responded the way He did?
  7. What does Jesus response "You do not know what you are asking" reveal about these two disciples?  What did they think they knew and what is it they did not know?
  8. In what ways does your answer to the questions in #7 apply to your own personal relationship with Jesus as you follow Him?  As you petition the Lord in prayer?
  9. What is the cup and the baptism Jesus is referring to in verses 38 and 39?
  10.  What does the disciples answer to Jesus question in verse 38 "are you able" reveal about the level of their understanding of Jesus ministry and mission?
  11. What does it mean when Jesus says to James and John that they will drink of the cup and be baptized with the baptism?  Whatis the cup and what is the baptism??
  12.  What reason did Jesus give in not granting their request?  In what way does Jesus response speak of the will of the Father and demonstrate His submission to that will?
  13.  What does it mean in verse 40 where Jesus says that these positions are for those whom it has been prepared?  Why do you think Jesus does not further elaborate on who that might be?
  14.  Why were the other ten disciples indignant with James and John?   What does their response reveal about the ten?
  15.  In what way does Jesus reflection upon how the world operates in verse 42 help His disciples understand that He is calling them to a different way?  What is that different way?
  16.  How does verse 45 characterize the gospel and the love of God that is revealed in verses such as John 3:16 and Phil. 2: 1 –11?  What is the foundation of this kind of service?
  17.  What does verse 45 reveal about who Jesus is, why He came, and how He would have us "follow His lead" in living out our lives?
  18.  What does it mean that Jesus came to give His life a ransom for many?  Who are the many?
  19.  What have you discovered in this passage that challenges you to live in a way that follows Jesus lead?  What is that "way" for you?  What specific things are you going to do in light of what you now know from this passage?
Benjamin Steiner