"On Full Display" - Mark 11:1-14


  1. Take a few moments and see how many observations you can make from the first seven verses of Mark eleven.  Where are they?  In what way is this place significant?  Have they been here before? What do the first seven verses tell you about Jesus?  What do they tell you about His disciples? Etc.
  2. Why do you think Jesus sent two disciples to get the colt rather than simply going Himself?
  3. What does Jesus instruct the two disciples to do if they are challenged while taking the colt?  Why do you think the "the Lord has need of it" was sufficient enough reason for the bystander to give them permission to take the colt?
  4. In what way does this passage speak to you about being ready to respond to Jesus request "the Lord has need of it"? What kinds of things may the Lord have need of today that we may supply?  Why would He desire for us to supply what He needs rather than simply supplying it Himself?
  5. Why do you think the disciples placed their coats on the back of the colt for Jesus to sit on?  Why is this significant, or is it significant?  What is the value of a coat in Jesus time?
  6. Why do you think "the many" spread their coats in the road so Jesus could ride over them?  Why did others spread leafy branches? What were they trying to express through these actions and gestures?
  7. Those who went out in front and those who followed behind where shouting something. What were they shouting and why is this important at this moment?  What does this "display of Jesus" on the back of a colt with the multitude shouting praise declare about Jesus?
  8. Why do you think Mark did not include some of the details of this event that are included in the other Gospel accounts (Matthew 21: 1-11, Luke 19: 28 – 40, John12: 12- 19)?  What was Mark's focus?  What did he want us to get from the information he shared?
  9. Once again Mark seems to minimize the events that transpired upon Jesus entering Jerusalem.  Notice verse 11.  What was He looking at?
  10. What is significant about Jesus interaction with the fig tree?  What does this interchange tell us about Jesus?  Why do you think Mark waits until later to tell us the fig tree had withered?
  11. What have you learned from this passage and how are you going to act upon that which you now know?
Benjamin Steiner