"Powerful Prayer" - Mark 11:20-26


  1. Verse 21 says Peter was reminded.  Reminded of what?  Why do you think Mark includes this in this account?
  2. What does it mean in verse 14 "and His disciples were listening"?  Why do you think they were listening and what do you think they were listening for?
  3. Why do you think Jesus does not explain about the fig tree but rather uses this opportunity to challenge them to "have faith in God"?  Why?
  4. What does it mean to have faith in God?
  5. What is Jesus trying to communicate about having faith in God when He clearly connects it with the power to move mountains?
  6. Is Jesus really inviting us to go about rearranging the landscape or is it an invitation to do something else?  What?
  7. What is Jesus trying to emphasize when he says "Truly I say to you" in verse 23?  Why do you think He felt the need to emphasize what He is about to say about prayer?  About faith in God?
  8. Is the difference between prayer and asking?  What?
  9. What does verse 24 mean, and specifically does "all things" really cover all things?  In what way does this promise connect with "having faith in God"?
  10. What are the two conditions or two characteristics of prayer that Jesus says will be answered?  What do these characteristics indicate about our faith in God?
  11. What does "does not doubt in his heart" mean?  What is doubting in your heart and how does this connect with "having faith in God"?
  12. How can we have the confidence to believe what we have yet to receive (verse 24)?
  13. Why do you think Jesus moves from praying for "all things" to when you pray forgive those that you may have anything against someone?  How is prayer and forgiveness connected"
  14. How or in what way does forgiveness of others connect with having faith in God and exercising believing prayer?
  15. In what way do these verses in Mark eleven challenge us to establish our faith and confidence in God?
  16. In what way does our faith in God inform the things we pray for and believe God for?
  17. What have you learned from this passage about faith and prayer and how are you going to apply what you have learned?
Benjamin Steiner