"The Question of Authority" - Mark 11:27-33


  1. Who are the Chief Priests, Scribes and Elders Mark records this account around and why do you think the issue of authority is so important to them? Where did they derive their authority?
  2. What is the question they have of Jesus and why do you think they are asking this question now?
  3. What are the things Jesus is doing and why does He need authority to do them?
  4. What does it mean to have authority as it is used in this context?
  5. What is the question Jesus asks the religious leaders, and why do you think Jesus requires an answer before He submits and responds to their question?
  6. Why is the question so important regarding the nature of John the Baptist's ministry?  How does the answer to the question of John's ministry relate to Jesus and His ministry?
  7. What are the two options Jesus give when it comes to the source of authority?  How are these two options still present and practiced today?
  8. Why were the religious leaders reluctant to answer Jesus question?  Why did they need to reason together for an answer?  What does this reveal about the source of their authority?
  9. In what way does their reasoning together demonstrate their lack of having an absolute authority by which to make a judgment? What is Jesus absolute authority when it comes to His making a judgement? (see Mark 11: 17)
  10. What was the religious leaders answer to Jesus question and how is their answer still used today to avoid the authority question?  What would the religious leaders sound like today?
  11. In what way did Jesus exercise His authority when He insisted they answer His question (vs. 29)?  When He set the conditions for His answer (vs. 29)?  When He refused to answer (vs. 30)?
  12. Why did Jesus refuse to answer their question?  What did He already know?
  13. What have you learned about Jesus' authority and how is what you now know going to impact your life this coming week?
Benjamin Steiner