"A Glimpse Of Glory" - Mark 9:1-13



  1. What does mean when Jesus says, "there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power "?
  2. In what way does the transfiguration experience fulfill this promise?
  3. Think through how Jesus resurrection may also have bearing on this promise.  How does Jesus "raising from the dead" (vs. 9) also fulfill this promise?
  4. Why do you think Jesus only took three of the disciples to experience this "transfiguration" experience?  Why do you think He selected the three that He did?
  5. In verse 2, Mark says that Jesus was transfigured before them.  What does it mean to be transfigured and how does Mark describe what took place?
  6. What does it mean that His garments became exceedingly white as no launderer on earth can whiten them?  What does Mark's explanation help us understand about God's glory?
  7. Why is it important that Elijah and Moses appeared with Jesus?  Why Elijah and Moses?
  8. What were Elijah and Moses talking with Jesus about?  Check out cross reference Luke 9: 30, 31.
  9. What did Peter say to Jesus in verse 5?  Why is it good they are there?  Why build tabernacles?  What is a tabernacle?
  10. What does it mean that Peter "did not know what to answer"?  Answer what?  Why say anything?  Why is this typical Peter?
  11. Why do you think the disciples were terrified?
  12. What does the cloud signify?  Think through some Old testament images such as Exodus 19: 9,16.  Others?
  13. In verse 7 why is it significant that a voice came out of the cloud and declares concerning Jesus "This is My Beloved Son, listen to Him"?   What does it mean to listen to Jesus?  Why is it important?  Why is it important to you?
  14. Why did Jesus give these three disciples orders not to relate to anyone (including the other disciples) what they had seen?  Why only until His resurrection?
  15. What was it that the disciples seized upon that initiated so much discussion among themselves?  Why?
  16. What question did the three disciples ask Jesus?  How did He answer them? 
  17. In what way does Jesus answer help the disciples understand that all things concerning the coming Messiah have indeed been fulfilled?  Check out Matt. 17:13.
  18. In question 13 I asked you why it is important "to you" that you listen to Jesus?  How do you listen to Jesus?  What have you heard and what are you going to do with what you have heard?
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