"The Question Of Divorce" - Mark 10:1-12



  1. What does it mean that the Pharisees asked Jesus questions about divorce to test Him?  What were they hoping would happen by Jesus answering their questions?
  2. In what way did Jesus answer their question and why do you think He responded to their question in this way?
  3. What was their answer to His question "What did Moses command you"?  In what way does Jesus question address their question about the lawfulness of Divorce? 
  4. What is the reason for divorce according to Jesus?  How does this fit with Deuteronomy 24:1. What was Moses attempting to do by issuing a certificate of divorce?  In what way is Moses commandment a measure of "damage control"?  How is the certificate actually a good thing for the woman being divorced?
  5. What does it mean to have "hardness of heart"?  In what way does Jesus observation   concerning hardness of heart and divorce still apply today?
  6. What is Jesus getting at when instead of talking further about divorce He talks about God's creation of marriage?
  7.  Why is it important to understand God's creation of marriage if we are going to ever be able to answer the questions divorce raises?
  8. What is it that we learn from Jesus about marriage?
  9. What does it mean that the two shall become one flesh? According to the context of this passage "who are the two"?
  10. What does it mean when it says what God has joined together let no man separate?  What does it mean to be joined together by God?  To be one flesh?
  11. How does divorce cause at least one person in the marriage to commit adultery?  Consider Matthew 5:32?  Why do you think Mark does not include Matthews recorded condition of "unchastity" in his Gospel?
  12. What is adultery?  (Exodus 20:14) When a person remarries do they continually commit adultery or does it only apply to the initial act?  Is the sin of adultery unpardonable?
  13. Malachi 2:16 says that God hates divorce.  From what you have learned from Jesus about marriage and divorce in this passage, what are some of the reasons why God hates divorce?
  14. In what way(s) is adultery the complete corruption of God's creation of marriage?  Check out Hebrews 13:4. What is God's goal for marriage?
  15. Why do you think Mark allows the question of the Pharisee's initially asked, "is divorce lawful" to seemingly go unanswered?
  16. What have you learned about marriage and divorce from this passage?  In what ways has this passage changed your understanding of marriage and divorce and what are you going to do with this new understanding?
Benjamin Steiner