"All In" - Mark 12:41-44


  1. Why do you think Jesus was observing the people giving their offerings? 
  2. Jesus observes and then call His disciples to take note. How does this account help us understand how Jesus used everyday events to teach His Disciples valuable lessons?  In what way does the Holy Spirit still do this?
  3. How does Jesus know that this woman is a poor widow?
  4. What does Jesus specific knowledge of this woman communicate about God's knowing and caring for each of us?  Check out Matthew 6:4, 32.
  5. What does Jesus use of "truly I say to you..." indicate about the importance of this act by this unnamed poor widow?
  6. What set this specific poor widow apart from other givers?  Other poor widows?  The Scribes Jesus has so harshly just critiqued?
  7. Why does Jesus say this poor widow put more in than all the contributors to the treasury?  What made these two small coins more valuable than they physically were?  Does this principle apply to other things we may give?
  8. What must Jesus know about the other contributors to enable Him to be able to say what He did about the widow's offering?
  9. What does Jesus assessment of her offering indicate about what God values? Check out Hebrews 11:6.
  10. What does it mean that the other contributors gave out of their surplus?  Is that a bad thing or a good thing that they gave?  Does God honor contributions from our surplus? Explain.  Check out 2 Corinthians 9:6-9.
  11. In what way does giving out of her poverty indicate that she was "all in" when it comes to trusting God?  Can giving out of our surplus also indicate we are "all in" with God? Explain?
  12. Why do you think Jesus does not inject Himself into this widow's situation by speaking with her or instructing His disciples to care for her?
  13. Why do you think Jesus did not rescue her? Check out Matthew 6:25 – 34.
  14. In what way is this woman's decision to give all indicate that she was in fact giving her life to God?
  15. How does this poor widow help us understand what it means to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:33)?
  16. What have you learned from this passage and in what way(s) are you going to act upon what you now understand?
Benjamin Steiner