"Ready?!" - Mark 13:24-37


  1. Why is it important that in this second coming the Son of Man comes in clouds with great power and glory? Compare with His coming in Bethlehem as well as the triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
  2. What does it mean He will send forth His angels and gather the elect from the four winds of the earth?
  3. Who are the elect this passage is speaking about? Why are they the elect? Check out Matt. 13: 24 – 30.
  4. What is it that we are to learn from the fig tree in verses 28 – 29?
  5. What is the generation in verse 30?
  6. Why is it important that His word will not pass away? Why is that so important to each of us today?
  7. Why is verse 32 significant in helping us understand what we can know about Jesus second coming and what we cannot know? How does this verse help us deal with those that will come declaring they know when and where Christ will return?
  8. What is it that we are to heed in verses 33 – 36? What lesson or instruction are we to receive personally from this passage?
  9. Notice how the general message of this passage is to keep on the alert, to be ready! What does it mean to be ready for Jesus coming again? Why is it important?
  10. What does it mean that He comes finding His servants asleep? What does it mean to be asleep in this context? Why is this so important?
  11. What kind of things could cause each of us to not be ready when Jesus returns? How can we fall asleep concerning the Second coming of Jesus? Check out 2 Peter 3: 3-9; Luke 17: 26 – 30 "days of Noah" and the "days of Lot"; Matt. 24: 36 – 39, 44.
  12. How does Matt. 24: 45 – 47 help us understand what it means to be a faithful servant who is "alert" as they await the coming of Jesus?
  13. What have you learned from this passage and how are you going to keep yourself ready for Jesus return?
Benjamin Steiner