"Fully Committed" - Mark 14:12-26


  1. Why do you think Mark included the details involved in securing a place to eat the Passover lamb right after he revealed Judas entering into an agreement to betray Jesus?
  2. In what way is this account like/unlike the provision of the donkey Jesus rode into Jerusalem? Mark 11: 1-6; 14: 12-16. 
  3. What can we learn from these passages about Jesus and the working out of the plan of God?  Man's involvement?
  4. Why is it significant that the disciples found it "just as He had told them"?  In what way does this still apply today?
  5. Why do you think Jesus made it known to His disciples that He was to be betrayed by one of them?  What do you think He was trying to do/not do by sharing this truth?
  6. Why do you think the disciples began to be grieved when they heard of the coming betrayal?  If the reality of betrayal caused a grieving of the disciples how do you think the reality of betrayal affected Jesus emotionally?
  7. How did the disciples respond and why was the way they responded significant?  What does it reveal about the disciples?  How do you think you would have responded? Why?
  8. In verse 21 what does it mean "For the Son of Man is to go just as it is written of Him"?
  9. Why is it better for the man who betrays The Son of Man to have never been born? 
  10. Is it fair to hold a person responsible for their part in fulfilling the prophecy of God?  Why or why not? What does this tell us about our responsibility and accountability for our actions/decisions?
  11. In what way does Jesus use bread and wine as symbols?  Symbols of what?  What are we to do with these symbols and why?
  12. What does Jesus mean when He said "This is My blood of the covenant which is poured out for many"?
  13. In what way does the bread and the wine indicate Jesus full commitment to fulfilling the plan of salvation for each one of us?
  14. In what way is verse 25 a promise of reunion and hope?  How can this truth encourage and strengthen us today?
  15. What have you learned from this passage and how are you going to live out what you learned this coming week? 
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