"A Revealing Failure" - Mark 14:66-72


  1. Reread verses 53- 52, 66. Why do you think Peter followed Jesus as He was being taken away? Why at a distance (consider vs. 51 – 52)?
  2. How is Peter's actions different from the other disciples and what does his following even at a distance tell us about Peter?
  3. Please read Luke 22: 31-32. In what way does Peter's experience around the fire in the Chief Priest's courtyard constitute a "sifting"? What does it mean to be "sifted like wheat"? What and through whom was Satan's planned sifting carried out?
  4. Clearly according to Luke 22:31 Satan knew something about Peter that he determined made Peter vulnerable? What does the courtyard scene and dialogue seen to indicate that vulnerability was?
  5. Clearly what Satan knew was not a surprise to Jesus. Why do you think Jesus had not addressed this vulnerability with Peter before? If Jesus had dealt with this before, when, and what was the outcome?
  6. What did Jesus pray for Peter? What did Jesus not pray for Peter? How does Jesus prayer help us understand the goal of Satan when he wants to orchestrate a sifting of our lives?
  7. What does Jesus mean by His prayer statement "your faith may not fail" (Luke 22:32)? In what way does Peter's denial constitute or not constitute a faith failure? Did Peter's faith fail?
  8. How do you think Jesus prays for us today? What do you think the Holy Spirit prays for us today? (Romans 8:26 – 27)
  9. What does it mean in Luke 22:32 when Jesus says to Peter "when once you have turned again"? What is this turning and where in Mark's account does this turning take place?
  10. In what way do you think this "sifting" experience by Peter will better enable him to fulfill Jesus command to "strengthen your brothers"?
  11. How does sifting work for good in our live? (Romans 8:28) What do you think Jesus wanted Peter to learn from this profound experience of failure? Check out 1 Peter 5: 9-10.
  12. In what way does this account of Peter's failure and denial help us understand that our relationship with Jesus is not based upon our performance but Jesus performance on our behalf? How can understanding this profound truth encourage you in your walk with Jesus?
  13. Discuss how our "faith failures" can lead us to believe that we have let Jesus down and our relationship with Him is finished. Consider how that is exactly the conclusion Satan would have us come to. Consider Luke 15: 11 – 24; 1 PJohn 1:9
  14. Why is it significant that when Peter heard the cock crow that he remembered and began to weep (bitterly)? How is Peter's response different than Judas? Matt. 27:3-5
  15. What have you learned from this passage and what are you going to do with it?
Benjamin Steiner