"Alone" - Mark 14:27-31


  1. Why do you think Jesus told His disciples that they were going to all "fall away"?
  3. Jesus gives a reason for their "falling away". What is that reason?
  5. What does it mean to "fall away" and how does falling away fit with the image of the sheep being scattered?
  7. What is Peter's response to what Jesus has just shared with all of them? Why do you think Peter takes it so personally?
  9. What were both Peter and the disciples insistently saying to Jesus? Why do you think they were so insistent?
  11. Why do you think Jesus confronts Peters assertion the way He does in verse 30? Compare this with John 13: 36 – 38; Luke 22: 31 – 34.
  13. Discuss what it must have felt like for Jesus to have His earthly support stripped away as He moves toward the cross? How does this help us more fully appreciate Jesus love and willingness to pay the price for our sin? Check out Phil. 2: 6- 8.
  15. It seems in their zeal to defend themselves they missed the greatest encouragement through a promise Jesus could possibly give them. What was the promise? Why is this promise important considering the coming terrible realities of Jesus sacrifice?
  17. How does Jesus resurrection re-establish His role as Shepherd? What kind of Shepherd in resurrection can Jesus now be to the disciples and each of us that He could not be before? Check out Psalm 23.
  19. How does Psalm 23 fit with Matthew 28: 20 when it comes to Jesus assuring us we are never alone?
  21. What have you learned from this passage and in what way(s) are you going to apply what you have learned?
Benjamin Steiner