"He has Risen" - Mark 16:1-9


  1. Why are the woman going to Jesus grave so early in the morning?  What do they expect to find?
  2. Why do you think Jesus promised resurrection does not seem to be on their minds?
  3. What is their concern as they travel toward the tomb?  Why do you think they did not have a plan to address that concern?
  4. Why were the woman amazed upon entering the tomb Jesus had been placed in?
  5. Who do you think the young man is?  Why do you think he is there?
  6. Why do you think he tells them not to be amazed?   Amazed at what?  Why not be amazed?
  7. Noticed how Mark's account in verse 6 has the young man being very concise and specific about what he says to the woman who have entered the tomb.  What does he tell them and why do you think he conveys it the way he does?  Why is this important?
  8. Why do you think the young man instructs the women to go and tell His disciples and Peter that they should follow Jesus instructions?  What were those instructions?
  9. Why do you think the young man specifically told the women to go and tell Peter?  Why is this significant at the very least for Peter?
  10. Why do you think the women were experiencing the pronounced reactions they were in verse 8?  Why do you think the fled from the tomb?
  11. What does it mean that they were gripped with trembling and astonishment? 
  12. Why do you think Mark chose to present Jesus resurrection so simply and without some of the detail we find in the other gospel accounts? Check out Matthew 28; Luke 24; John 20.
  13. What is it about Mark's account that makes us appreciate the simplicity and "matter of fact-ness" that "He has risen"?  How does Mark's account speak to what Paul later says in 1 Corinthians 15: 1 – 19?
  14. What have you learned from this passage and what are you going to do with what you have learned?
Benjamin Steiner