"Time With God" - May 27, 2018

No sermon audio for this week.


  1. What does it mean in verse 5 that "He jealously desires the Spirit which He has made to dwell in us"?  Why is important that we know that? 
  2. In what way is your answer to question one form the foundation of spending time with God?  How does it help us understand that God really does want time with us? 
  3. Why is it important that we know that God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble when it comes to spending time with Him? 
  4. What is the "greater grace "in verse 6 that makes actually spending time with God possible?  
  5. Why is submission to God so important to our drawing near to Him?  In what way is this submission different than humbling ourselves?  (see verse 6, 10) 
  6. What does it mean to draw near to God?  How do we do that according to this passage?  Check out Jeremiah 29: 12-14; Isa. 55:6. 
  7. In what way does submitting to God enable us to draw near to Him? 
  8. What does God say will happen when we draw near to Him? Why do I need what God is offering?  
  9. Why is this important when it comes to resisting the devil? 
  10. Why do you think James moves from the nearness of God in our lives to dealing with sin in verses 8 and 9?   
  11. In what way does not taking the seriousness of our sin as believers work against our spending time with God? 
  12. In what way does verse 8- 10 agree with what John under the inspiration of Holy Spirit has said to believers in 1 John 1:9?  What does it mean to confess? 
  13. In what way does James 4: 5-10 supply the "sufficient reason" to develop a spiritually healthy habit of spending time with God every day? 
  14. How does this passage help us understand what some of the elements of spending time with God might include? 
  15. What is the promise contained in verse 10? 
  16. What have you learned from this passage about spending time with God on a regular basis? 
  17. What are you going to do with the truth that God desires for you to draw near to Him? 
Benjamin Steiner