"Worship" - July 1, 2018


  1. What is worship?  How would you define it? 
  2. How does your understanding of worship fit with the worship you see in 1 Chronicles 16: 8-36? 
  3. What are the basic elements of worship that you see in 1 Chronicles 16: 8-36 and how does each of them broaden your understanding of worship? 
  4. What does Psalm 51: 15-17 reveal about the worship God desires from us? 
  5. In Romans 12:1 what is the acceptable sacrifice of worship that God desires, and how is it we can offer it to Him?  In what way does this sacrifice agree with what we have discovered in Psalm 51:17? 
  6. What does it mean to give our bodies as a living sacrifice?  Why our bodies?  
  7. Romans 12:1 declares that our bodily sacrifice is holy and acceptable unto God.  What makes our bodily sacrifice holy and acceptable?  
  8. Why do you think Paul urges us to present ourselves by the "mercies of God"? What does it mean to "present" and what are the "mercies of God"? 
  9. I(n what way does this kind of sacrificial worship fulfill our spiritual service of worship?  What does "spiritual service of worship" mean? What is it? 
  10. In what way does what is urged in Romans 12: 1,2 agree with what Jesus is talking about in John 4: 20-26? 
  11. In what way is the worship we are called to in Romans 12: 1,2 and John 4: 20-26 different from the worship required by the law of the Old Testament?  Same? 
  12. In what way does Jesus coming change the way we worship God? Or does it? 
  13. In what way does the way I live my life daily bring glory, honor, and praise to God? 
  14. In what way am I worshipping God when I chose to not be conformed to the world but transformed by the renewing of my mind?  Check out Matthew 22:37; John 14:15;         1 Samuel 15:22. 
  15. How does the renewing of my mind and the life that renewing produces, honor God and prove His good will? 
  16. What have you learned and how are you going to apply it? 
Benjamin Steiner