"Giving Yourself Away" - July 8, 2018


  1. What does Paul say will make his joy complete?  Why is this so important to Paul? 
  2. Take a moment and compare what is recorded in verse 2 with what Jesus said in John 17:20,21?  Is there a connection between the two passages and if so what is it? 
  3. According to John 17: 23 what is the result of living like what is commanded in verse 2? Compare this with Phil. 1:27. 
  4. What does it mean to be of the same mind? Maintaining the same love? United in spirit? Intent on one purpose? 
  5. What does it mean to do things with a "humility of mind"?  In what way is this true of Jesus? See Phil. 2: 6 – 8. 
  6. What is verse 4 saying and not saying about looking after your own personal interests?  When is it appropriate to look out for your own personal interests?  What is Paul's point? 
  7. Whose interests was Jesus looking out for?  Check out John 6:38. 
  8. What was Jesus' attitude?  From this passage describe His attitude and as much as you can illustrate the way He lived it out with events or ministry moments from His life? 
  9. If anyone had a right to have an "attitude" it was Jesus!  He is after all God incarnate.  In what way did Jesus choose to "give Himself away" according to Phil 2 and how does His example encourage us to do the same?  Check out Matt. 20: 28. 
  10. In what way does this passage lay down a foundation for you to follow Jesus in giving yourself away?  Check out Matt. 20:20 – 28.  
  11.  How did Jesus give Himself away according to this passage? 
  12. What does it mean personally for you to have the same attitude that was in Jesus?   
  13. How can you take up Jesus invitation through Paul's words in Phil.2 and have Christ's attitude in you?  
  14. What have you learned and how has what you have learned better equipped you to be like Jesus in "giving yourself away"? 
  15. In what way are you going to apply what you now know?
Benjamin Steiner