About Us

Summit Kids is the name of our children’s department at The Summit Church. Childhood is a strategic time for biblical instruction.  We believe that this is an ideal time to teach the foundational Bible stories and concepts. We also take the opportunity to introduce children to Jesus and the forgiveness God offers through Jesus’ death and resurrection.


Additionally, we value:

Fun—Following Jesus gives us joy, so why should church be boring?

Interactive Learning—We reinforce lessons layering (presenting the same concept several ways).  This also helps us reach children with various learning styles.  We use games, crafts, singing, skits, cooking—you name it, the kids are doing it.

Participating in Church—We want families to worship together, so we have children above nursery age join us for the first half of Sunday service.  We sing together, pray together, take communion together and more.  We also have events geared towards families and invite families to join service projects together.


Summit Kids doubles as a fully integrated children’s ministry for both churches that meet in our building: the English speaking congregation (The Summit Church) and the Swahili speaking congregation (Shouts of Grace for All Nations).