The Future Of

Summit Kids Sundays

We're in a moment where we get to ask what we want children's ministry to look like.  For a long time we've had an A+ midweek Bible program with Awana. But we've had work to do for Sunday mornings.  It's been exciting to be a part of these changes.  Below are changes we still need to make, but first here are some of the changes made in the past year and a half:

  • Safety Monitors

  • New curriculum

  • K-5th grade expanded to K-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade

  • New teachers and helpers

  • A substitute team

  • Nursing Lounge

  •  Digital check-ins

  • Printed name tags with safety information for kids

  • The ability to page parents in service on the big screens

  • Post cards for birthdays & visitors

  • Those awesome signs Hailey made

  • The inclusion of the Shouts of Grace kids

Wow!  That's a long list!  But we still don't have the Sunday services we deserve.  Many of these changes are very new and still learning to walk by themselves.  If they're going to survive they're going to new volunteers to help them along.

Here's some more changes and needs that I'd like to see in the next year that are just waiting for people to make them a reality.

  • Continuous nursery coverage all morning long

  • A second Pre-K team to give Connie and Carol the rest they need and deserve

  • Someone or a team of people to do morning setup

  • Splitting Pre-K to 2's & 3's and 4's & 5's

  • Adding a third elementary class to have K&1st Grade, 2&3 Grade, and 4th&5th Grade

  • Digital Check-in Helpers

  • More subs to take the strain off the current pool

  • More Safety Monitors, that job has expanded its role

  • Someone to assist me so that I can focus my attention to pouring into the volunteers and keeping things moving forward

So many of the changes in the first list were brought about by the dedication and imagination of others.  This second list requires people as well.  But the good news in a church our size these things and more are achievable. We just need to decide that we want them.

Volunteering with minors includes a background check, reference, and interview. 

Summit Kids doubles as a fully integrated children’s ministry for both churches that meet in our building: the English speaking congregation (The Summit Church) and the Swahili speaking    congregation (Shouts of Grace for All Nations).