Weekly Study Questions

Exodus 18, "Wisdom And The Will Of God"

  1. What is wisdom according to Proverbs 1:7; 3:7; 9:10 and James 3:17?

  2. How is this wisdom seen in Jethro's counsel to Moses?

  3. In what way was Jethro's counsel important to the plan of God in and through Israel?

  4. What part does the relationship Jethro has with Moses open doors for wise counsel?

  5. Why is it important that Jethro listened and observed before he gave counsel?

  6. Today, how is man's wisdom used to further the will and work of God ( cf. Acts 6)?

  7. Where can we find the needed wisdom to be a part of God's plan ( James 1: 5, 6 )?

  8. What are the conditions of the promise in James 1, and how is it fulfilled in Ex. 18?

  9. Examine Exodus 18: 9-12 and discuss Jethro's relationship with God.

  10. Discuss why it is important to share our stories of God's work in our life with others.

  11. Discuss the wisdom of delegation and sharing the load of ministry.

  12. How does the delegation counseled by Jethro facilitate the will of God?

  13. How has Exodus 18 highlighted the importance of wise counsel in your life?

  14. Who are the Jethro's in your life?

  15. How are you going to apply the things you have discovered from this passage?