Weekly Study Questions

Malachi 3:6-12, "Why God is Serious About Giving"

  1. In what way does 2 Cor. 9 help us more fully understand what we have discovered about giving in Malachi?
  2. Contrast the attitude that we find in Malachi and the attitude that is found in 2 Cor.9.
  3. In what way is the instruction for giving in 2 Cor.9 easier and/or more difficult than simply giving the tithe?
  4. In what way did the people of Malachi's day challenge the "Word" of God?  What does it reveal about them?  In what way today are we in danger of doing the same thing?  Examples?
  5. Is there ever a time when it is entirely appropriate to question God?  When would that time be?
  6. What do we learn about the heart of God for His people in Malachi's day from passages such as Malachi 1:2,6; 2:2; 3:6,7,16-18?  How is that heart still present for us today?
  7. Discuss how Mal. 1:2-5 reveals the sovereign power of God over all the world, not just His people (believers)?
  8. In Mal. 1:6,14 God makes it very clear that He is God.  Why is it so important that we know that?
  9. In what way does taking God up on His offer to test Him in the area of giving enable us to really know that He is God?
  10. In Mal. 3:10-12 Scripture reveals that God not only gives, but also preserves.  What does that mean and what examples can you give for both?
  11. Discuss the attitude we find in the Book of Malachi in the heart of God's people and how is that attitude still alive today in the hearts of God's people?  See Mal. 1:13; 3:13-15
  12. Who are the people in Mal. 3:16-18 and in what way are they different from the people in the previous question?
  13. Reflect upon the idea that giving is about who God is, that "He is", and that giving is in the final analysis about responding to that fact in an honoring way, and through our response and His promise we can really know Him in a life changing way.
  14. In what way has the book of Malachi helped you understand the true nature, importance, and purpose of giving?  This coming week what are you going to do with what God has instructed through Malachi?