Weekly Study Questions

Mark 14:32-42, "A Christian Response to the Election - Prayer"

  1. Why do you think Jesus wanted the disciples to stay awake and keep watch while He prayed?  How would we keep watch today?  Why is it important?
  2. In what way is keeping watch and praying connected?
  3. What do you think Peter learned from this time in the garden that later surfaced in his life and writings? Check out 1 Peter 5:8.
  4. What is Jesus trying to warn the disciples about in verse 38?  What is the "temptation"?
  5. How can keeping watch prevent our coming into temptation?  Why is that important?
  6. What does it mean in verse 38 that "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"?  How does this truth apply to our Christian lives today? Especially to prayer and keeping watch?
  7. What was Jesus experiencing in verse 33 and 34?  In what way did Jesus deal with these emotions?  How can we do the same thing with our own emotions?
  8. Discuss why Jesus did not apologize or indicate that these feelings were unimportant or even wrong (lack of faith)?  What does God teach us about emotions and the will of God through this passage?
  9. In what way does what Jesus is feeling inform and direct His prayers? Is that appropriate in light of Matt. 6:7-13?  In what way do our emotions influence our prayers?
  10. What is it that Jesus prays for in verse 36?
  11. How do these prayers help us understand the extent that Jesus is fully human as explained in Hebrews 4:15,16?  Why is it important to our own prayer life that we really understand this truth?
  12. Discuss the statement "prayer is the work of God, not just a preparation to do the work of God".  Do you agree or disagree?   What may have been the work Jesus was doing in this garden prayer?  What is the work of prayer?  Consider Acts 6:4, 12:5
  13. What is Jesus saying when He conditions His prayer with "yet not what I will, but what you will"?  What does it mean? In what way is that to be applied in our lives?
  14. How does yielding to the will of God affect my watching? In what way does it affect my praying?  Check out Matt. 24:45-49, also Matt. 25.
  15. Why is it important that we like Jesus separate our will from God's will?  Why is that especially important when we are experiencing strong emotions?
  16. What does praying and living in "Thy will be done "require from us?  How does living this way help us fulfill Hebrews 11:6?
  17. In what way does Jesus example help us formulate our response to life as we experience it today?  During this emotion packed election year? 
  18. In what ways does this passage help us deal with the emotions we are experiencing in this election year, and how does it help us deal with them in an appropriate way?
  19. If we are to always to be striving to be like Jesus.  In what ways do you think Jesus would respond to this age in which we live?
  20. What are the implications of us praying "thy will be done" even if it is not what we think it should be?  Discuss this in light of Romans 8:28. Also Proverbs 16:4,9; Isaiah 55: 8-11.
  21. Discuss the following question.  Which do you think is more powerful, Christians praying or Christians voting?  Is it "Either, or" or "both, and"?  What would it look like today?
  22. What have you personally learned from Mark 14 and how are you going to apply these truths to your life?