Weekly Study Questions

Matthew 1-13, "Serving With No Illusion"

  1. Look over the assignment Jesus gave the disciple in Matt. 10:5-15.  What is the assignment and in what way does the assignment open the door for the disciples to have a false idea or belief (illusion) about the nature of their service for Jesus?
  2. Why do you think Jesus desired His disciples know how the world would receive them and treat them?  In what way does this knowledge better equip them to do what Jesus commissioned them to do?  What was He sending them to do ( 10:6,18; Luke 19:10)?  How does this knowledge better equip us today?
  3. Jesus used a "simile" to communicate the truth of the hard road that they would face if they continued to follow Jesus and allow Him to fulfill His mission through them.  What did Jesus mean when He said "Behold I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves;"?  Why do you think Jesus chose wolves and sheep to characterize the realities of what they would face?  What does it communicate?  About hostility that is intentional?
  4. Who are the wolves?  What do we know about who they are and how they will operate?
  5. Why are the "wolves" so hostile toward believers?
  6. What does it mean to be hated by all because of Jesus name? What does the "name" of Jesus mean?  Why is living in His name so important for every believer?
  7. In what way is Matt. 10:22 connected with Matt.10:24,25?
  8. How does becoming like Jesus explain the hatred believers experience toward them by the world?  Check out John 3:19-20 for help in understanding the source of this hatred.  Also consider Matt. 5:11,12,14-16.
  9. What does it mean to be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves?  In what ways did Jesus model this?  In what way did the disciples ultimately model this as they carried the gospel into the world?  Examples? In what way is the Holy Spirit of God involved in our ability to live this command out?  Check out Acts 1:8. In what way does the Holy Spirit of God make us "smarter"?
  10. From Matt.10:24-25 what do we learn about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus?  What should the ambition and goal of every person be who wants to truly be a disciple of Christ?
  11. According to Matt. 10:26 why is it that we are not to fear the "wolves"?
  12. What is it that Jesus promises each of us who serve Him in Matt.10:27-28?  Why is this an encouragement to continue living in Jesus and serving the world in His name?
  13. In what way is it a great comfort in the midst of trials and persecution to know that God values us highly and knows us so intimately that even the number of hair on our head is known by Him?  In what way does that knowledge have the capacity to change your life?
  14. What have you learned from Matthew 10 and how is that knowledge going to be reflected in your life this coming week?