Weekly Study Questions

John 15:1-11, "Joy"

  1. Why do you think Jesus used the analogy of a vine and branches to help the disciples understand the importance of abiding in Him? In what way is this abiding connected with His joy (vs.11)?
  2. What is joy, and is it different than being happy?  In what ways are they similar?  In what ways are they different?  Why is it important or not important?
  3. In what way is Jesus the embodiment of joy?  Luke 2:10
  4. Is there a connection between bearing fruit and joy?  What might that connection be?
  5. Explain how joy, a fruit of the Spirit according to Gal 5:22 may glorify God and be a proof that we are His disciples (vs. 8)?
  6. According to John 15 what is the foundation of Jesus joy?  Does this agree with Hebrews 12:2; Luke 15:4-32?
  7. How, according to Jesus are we to allow His joy to become our joy?
  8. What does it mean to have Jesus joy within us?  What would that look like as we live out our lives?  What difference would that make in the way we experience life on a day to day basis?
  9. In what way does John 15 help us understand Nehemiah 8:10 "...the joy of the Lord is my strength"?  In what way is the joy of the Lord a strength?  In what way is it a strength for me today?  How does it make us stronger?
  10. What does it mean when Jesus says we are already pruned?  Why is this pruning a source of Joy?  See vs.3; Hebrews 12: 7-11.  Also discuss in light of John 13: 6-10.
  11. Why is fruitfulness a source of Joy?  Check out verse 8?
  12. How is the promise of prayer in verse 7 a source of joy?  How was the foundation of prayer a joy to Jesus and produce joy in Jesus (John 11: 41,42)?  In what way can the promises concerning prayer give us a reason to have joy?
  13. What does it mean to have our joy filled up?  How does this fit with John 16:24? 
  14. Why does Jesus want His joy to be in us and to be made full?  Check out 1 Peter 1:8,9.  What does it mean to "greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory"?
  15. In what ways have you detected the joy of Jesus within your own life?
  16. In what ways can you respond to what God has revealed in John 15 about Jesus desire that you have His joy?  In what concrete ways can you respond to Jesus offer today?
  17. What are you going to do with what you have learned this coming week?