Weekly Study Questions

Leviticus 19

  1. Have you ever been confused by a story or command in the bible?

  2. Share a situation when you were confused, offended, or disagreed with something you read in the bible.

  3. Read Leviticus 19 and share your thoughts on some of the laws that confuse or bother you.

  4. History shows us that God separates laws into three categories. Work through the chapter and try to assign some of the laws to their proper categories. They are:

    • Ceremonial - Sacrificing and purity.

    • Civil - Public safety and health.

    • Moral.

  5. Out of all the laws in chapter 19, which ones are still around today and which ones are not?

  6. Read Matthew 5:17 and John 1:16-17.

  7. How does the context of these verses help us understand why those laws are not in effect today?

  8. Jesus' death and resurrection stands as an atonement for our sins if we put faith in Him as savior. How does this truth affect the motivations of the ways in which we live our lives?

  9. Read John 3:17

  10. This verse shows us that Jesus came to forgive us and restore our relationship to God,  and not to start a new religion. Do you tend to see Christianity more as a religion or relationship?

    • Religion says... "I obey therefore I am loved"

    • Relationship says... "I am loved therefore I obey"

  11. Discuss this idea and commit to one way you will live in relationship with God this week instead of religion.