Weekly Study Questions

Numbers 13 & 14, "Contagious Unbelief"

  1. In what ways can faith be as contagious as unbelief?

  2. Why do you think it was important for the children of Israel to spy out the land?

  3. What do you think caused Caleb and Joshua to have a different read on what they saw in the promised land?

  4. In Numbers 14:7-9, Caleb and Joshua counseled and cautioned the children of Israel. Discuss what that counsel was and why it was important that Israel heard it?

  5. In light of your discussion in question 4, how does their counsel apply to us today as individuals and as a church?

  6. Why do you think the children of Israel doubted God's ability to deliver on His promise?

  7. How does the events of Numbers 13 and 14 help us understand the consequences of unbelief? What are those consequences?

  8. In what way does Exodus 13:3-5 help us understand the importance of "remembering" when it comes to faith and trusting God?

  9. Where have you seen God work and how does "remembering" increase your ability to trust God today?

  10. What are the promises today that God would have you enter into by faith?

  11. What are the consequences if we do not enter into God's promises by faith?

  12. What has God helped you to understand through this passage and how are you going to apply what you have learned?