Weekly Study Questions

Leviticus 16, "The Day Of Atonement"

  1. Discuss how the instructions given in Leviticus enables sinful humans to have a relationship with a Holy God.

  2. How is this enabling or provision clearly seen in the day of atonement in Lev. 16?

  3. What does it mean in Lev. 16:29 that the annual day of atonement shall be a "permanent statute"? Why is this important and what does it imply about the nature of sin?

  4. In the sermon I talked about the difference between covering a sin and forgiving a sin. What is the difference? Consider Hebrews 10: 1-4 as you develop your answer.

  5. Discuss the two goats in Lev. 16: 7-10. What is the function of each?

  6. Why is there a need for the two in addressing sin?

  7. How does the two aspects of addressing our sin help us understand what God wants in His relationship with us?

  8. Discuss how Isaiah 53: 6-17 reveals the ultimate fulfillment of atonement and how it is realized in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

  9. In what way does Jesus fulfill the role of both sacrifice and scapegoat? Consider Hebrews 4:14; Rev. 13:8; and 2 Cor. 5:21 in your answer.

  10. What have you learned through reading the book of Leviticus and how are you going to apply what you have learned this coming week?