Weekly Study Questions

Deuteronomy 6-10, "Only God"

  1. What is Moses objective in teaching the children of Israel God's commandments, statutes, and judgements through this book? (see Deut. 6: 1-3)

  2. Why is it important that each generation instruct the next generation concerning the things of the Lord? (How God has moved, what God has said and done, our experience with God...) (What is a natural application of this for old and young?)

  3. What does it mean to "fear the Lord"? What is this fear?

  4. Why is the fear of the Lord absolutely foundational in God's will and purpose for Israel? Why is that fear so important to us today for the same reason?

  5. How is the fear of the Lord related to the declaration in Deut. 6:4? (see also Deut. 6:13,24; 8:6; 10:17)

  6. What does Psalm 111:10 and Proverbs 9:10 say about the fear of the Lord and how does that apply then and now?

  7. What does it mean to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, and might? What would that look like lived out in everyday life? (Compare with Matthew 22:37)

  8. Why is our love of God such a critical ingredient in our ability to teach others about His love and to call them to experience it for themselves?

  9. According to John 14:21, obedience is a necessary part of true love. Explain from Deut. 6 – 10 why that was also true for Israel?

  10. In what way does Deut. 11:1 really solidify what it means to love God?

  11. Reflect upon Deut. 10:20. What does it mean to serve God and to cling to God?

  12. Is serving and cling connected, and if so, in what way?

  13. How was Israel to serve God? What was that to look like?

  14. How does loving God and serving God go together? Why is the connection so important?

  15. What does Deut. 6:4 and Deut. 10:12 require of you and how are you going to live it out?