Weekly Study Questions

2 Kings 22 & 23, "Rediscovering The Word Of God"

  1. Review the list of kings between 2 Kings 12 and Josiah in 2 Kings 22. What characterized their rule? Whose example did they follow after? In what way was Josiah similar or different from them?

  2. Check out Jeroboam, son of Nabat, a name that seems to surface often as a model for the behavior of a number of evil kings. Who is he? What did he do that set such an example for others to follow after him. What was that example? 1 Kings 12: 25

  3. In what way does significant role models like Jeroboam and Josiah still influence people today?

  4. Who is Josiah and what seems to set him apart from the other kings on the list? Check out 2 Chronicles 34 and include it in your answer.

  5. Before Josiah was exposed to the Word of God what directed his spiritual life? How did hearing the word of God change that?

  6. Reflect on what it must have been like for Josiah when he first heard the Word of God read. 2 Kings 22:10

  7. What was Josiah's reaction to hearing the Book of the Law for the first time and why do you think he responded the way he did? ( Hebrews 4:12)

  8. What does the prophetess say to Josiah in response to his inquiry in 2 Kings 22: 13-17? Many scholars believe that the book that was found was the book of Deuteronomy. Check out Deut. 31: 16-17 and discuss how what is contained there is similar with the 2 Kings 22 passage.

  9. What does the prophetess say personally to Josiah in 2 Kings 22: 18-20? What does it tell us about Josiah? What does it tell us about God?

  10. In what way is the covenant Josiah made with the Lord in 2 Kings 23:1-3 significant both for himself and for the nation? How is that still true today?

  11. Discuss the reforms Josiah implemented and how they fulfilled the prophecy in 1 Kings 13:2?

  12. Why is the re-institution of the celebration of Passover such a significant event in the life of Josiah and the nation he led?