Weekly Study Questions

Job 1-3, "A Window On Reality"

  1. In what way has the book of Job given you an increased appreciation for the unseen spiritual realities that may be going behind the seen realities of this life?

  2. What does Job chapter 1 teach us about God and his relationship with Job? How does this relate to us today?

  3. What important things did you learn about Satan? Who is he? What power does he have? What are his limitations? Where he operates? His strategy?

  4. What important things did you learn about God's sovereignty? How does this reveal Satan's lie that he is "he is equal to God, just the flip side of God"?

  5. Why is Satan's question "Does Job fear you for nothing" such a powerful affront to God and a powerful accusation against each of us?

  6. What do we learn about the unseen protection of God from Job 1:12 and Job 2: 4-6?

  7. What is Job's response to loosing everything and what does it reveal about his understanding of himself, of life, and of God? Cross ref. Job 9:33.

  8. What does Satan mean when he says "skin for skin" and how is this still true today?

  9. Job 2:9 records Job's wife saying to him "curse God and die". How does Job respond to her? What does his response in Job 2:10 tells us about Job's relationship with God and again his understanding of God's sovereignty?

  10. In Job 3 we see a soul in a very dark place. In what ways is this lament understandable and entirely appropriate? In what way is this lament unhealthy or have the potential to become unhealthy? Check out Job's ongoing struggle to understand and the questions his experience raises for him. What is the struggle and the questions? Job 7:20; 9:2,33; 12:24...others?

  11. In what way were Job's friends helpful in the midst of his suffering? In what way were they not helpful? Check out Job 16:1-4.

  12. In Job 13:20-21, what were the two things Job pleaded to God to not do to him and why are they so important to Job?

  13. What is Job saying in Job 13:15 that helps us understand his absolute trust in God? How does this trust challenge us today in our own faith?

  14. What do we learn from Job 19:25 and Job 29:4 about Job's relationship with God?

  15. In what way does God confront Job with the realities of who he is and who God is? Why is this such an important truth to keep in mind as we live our lives?

  16. What is Job's confession in chapter 42? In what way(s) can this be our confession today?

  17. In what way does God honor Job's struggle, honesty, and ultimately his prayer? How does that apply to us today?

  18. What have you learned from Job about the unseen realities of life, and how are you going to take what you have learned and apply it to your life?