Weekly Study Questions

Psalm 37, "Staying On Course"

  1. What does it mean to fret because of evildoers?  How is this fretting connected to being envious toward wrongdoers?

  2. In verse 7 scripture tells us to rest in the lord and wait patiently for Him. What does it mean to rest and wait in the Lord?  How does doing that help us to not fret about those who prosper in their way and those that carry out wicked schemes?

  3. Notice how verse 8 links fretting with anger and wrath.   In what way does fretting lead to evildoing?

  4. In verses 3 through 8 there are a series of commands that have results guaranteed by God.  What do each of these commands mean and why are they important to keeping us on course with the Lord?

  5. Throughout this Psalm the wicked and the righteous are contrasted.  What are the contrasts and what do each of the contrasts tell us about God's promises to us as believers?

  6. What does it mean that God laughs at the wicked who plot against the righteous?  How should this fact give us great encouragement and comfort?

  7. Psalm 37 is filled with passages that tell us about the Lord and the things He does for us.  What are they and why are they important to you?

  8. Psalm 37 is also filled with passages that contain promises made to those that follow the Lord.  What are these promises, and how do they encourage and strengthen you in the midst of the challenges of daily life?

  9. Specifically, what does it mean in verses 23 and 24 that God holds our hand and does not allow us to be injured when we fall?  How does God break our fall?

  10. In verses 35 and 36 David tells of personally observing a wicked and violent man prospering like a luxuriant plant.  What does he say happened and how does that reinforce all that this psalm has been saying?  In what way is this truth relevant today?

  11. What have you learned about staying on course in your spiritual life from Psalm 37 and how does that better equip you to follow Jesus?

  12. What one thing has God impressed upon you and how are you going to apply it this week?