Weekly Study Questions

Isaiah 55, "Free Offer"

  1. In verse one, who is it that God is extending an invitation to?
  2. In verse two what is God's question, and how does that point out man's attempt to find satisfaction through their own self effort?  What are some of the things man attempts to use to find satisfaction outside of God?
  3. What is God's invitation in verses 1 - 3?
  4. In what way does King David epitomize the substance and blessing of what God is offering? In what way is David a witness to what God is offering?
  5. What does it mean to seek the Lord while He may be found?  Is there ever a time when He may not be found?  If so, when would that be?
  6. What does it mean to call upon Him while He is near?  When is the Lord near?  Is the Lord ever not near?
  7. In verse seven, Isaiah declares the Lord will abundantly pardon. What does it mean to abundantly pardon?  What must a person do according to verses six and seven to receive this pardon?  Is the condition of pardon consistent with the New Testament gospel of salvation by faith?  Explain?
  8. In verse eight and nine, what do we discover about God?  In what ways does Isaiah's revelation of God help us more fully trust and place our faith in Him?  How does this revelation speak to my own ability or inability to chart the course of my life without God?
  9. What does it mean that God's thoughts and ways are not like our own?  How might they be very different? Are they ever similar and when might that be?
  10. What does it mean that God's thoughts and ways are higher than ours?  Why is it important that we know that, and live in that knowledge?  In what way does that help us seek and live in God's will for our lives?
  11. In verse 10, God's power is on full display. How is that power demonstrated and in what way does it give us assurances of God ability to fulfill His word?  Compare this verse with Romans 1:20.
  12. What does it mean that God's word goes forth from His mouth?  Why is this important?  Compare this verse with 2 Timothy 3:16,17.
  13. What does it mean that God's word will "not return to Him empty"?  What does it mean for the word of God to return?
  14. What does it mean when verse twelve says God's word will always accomplish what He desires and succeed in the matter for which He sent it?  How does this verse fit with Abraham's experience in Hebrews 11:6?
  15. What does verse eleven help us understand about the power, purpose, and intentionality of God's word for our lives today?
  16. Verses twelve and thirteen help us understand the purposes God has for the invitation and instruction given through Isaiah 55 for each of us.  What is it that God wants for us?  What does it mean to "go out with joy"?  What does it mean to be "led forth with peace (shalom)?
  17. Take some time to slowly work your way through Isaiah 55 personalizing each of the verses. What is God saying to you and how will you take what He is saying and apply it to your life this week?