Weekly Study Questions

Daniel 6, “Daniel and the Lion’s Den”

  1. In verse 4, Daniel is described as being trustworthy, and neither corrupt nor negligent.
    1. Where have you personally seen or experienced corruption at work?
    2. What does it look like for you to be trustworthy in your work place? (You may not receive a paycheck because you are a stay-home mom, retired, or a student, but God still has work for you to do.)
    3. What would it look like for you to be negligent in your work?
  2. If someone dug into your past in an attempt to dig up reasons to charge you, what would they find?
  3. It isn’t illegal to pray to the living God in our country, like we see in this story. However, our culture is becoming more and more hostile to those who live for God. How have you experienced this? Using Daniel as an example to follow, what should your response be to the things you face?
  4. Describe Daniel’s prayer life.
  5. Daniel has a place for prayer (his room), a time for prayer (3 times a day), and a posture for prayer (down on his knees). How have these three elements impacted your prayer life?
  6. Verse 10 makes it clear that Daniel also had a regular habit of prayer. Is this true of you? Why or why not? What would help you grow in your habit of prayer? (Note: The Summit will begin a weekly prayer meeting on Sunday nights next week, September 25. These will be led by Errol Lester.)
  7. What are some “lion’s dens” you have faced in the past? What did you do? What happened? Are you facing some difficulty right now? How does this story help you understand how to respond?
  8. How have you seen God use you and the difficulties you face to let others know about Him?