Weekly Study Questions

Romans 6, "Sanctification"

  1. What is the difference between committing a sin and living in sin (Romans 6:2)?  Why is it important to know the difference?
  2. In what way does the power that raised Jesus from the dead enable us to walk in newness of life?  See Gal.2:20
  3. What does it mean that in Christ we have died to sin and are no longer slaves to it? Romans 6:1-7
  4. What does it mean to be dead to sin?  (Romans 6:11) Explain the difference being dead and alive physically?  Spiritually? 
  5. What does Romans 6:11 mean and what is it asking us to do? Why is this important in our living for and walking with God?
  6. What does it mean in Romans 6:12-13 "to present our members"?  What are these members and what would God have us do with them? Why?
  7. Answer Paul's question in Romans 6:15.
  8. Discuss how the prodigal's story in Luke 15:11-33 could be our story as children of God when we choose to willfully not walk in the truth of Romans 6?
  9. Explain the Father's actions in Luke 15:11-32 with what we know about God in Titus 3:3-7; John 1:9; others?
  10. In what ways does sin separate us from the Father just as the prodigal's sin separated him from his father?  According to Romans 6 how can we avoid that separation and be holy and set apart for God?  see John 1:9.
  11. In what way does the older brother's response help us understand the difference between performance(works) and grace?
  12. What have you learned and how are you going to apply it?