Weekly Study Questions

Mark 1:1-11, "An Ending and a Beginning

  1. Who was Mark and why is it important that we know that he was an associate of both Peter and Paul? 
  2. In what ways is Mark's gospel similar and different from the other three Gospels?  Why is that important?
  3. Why was it important that Mark start with John's coming in fulfillment of Isaiah's prophesy to begin his account of Jesus life and ministry?
  4. What was John's baptism all about?  What was he calling people to do?
  5. In what way did John's message and baptism prepare the way for the baptism that Messiah was to bring?
  6. What does it mean in verse 8 that there is a baptism with water and a baptism with the Holy Spirit?  What is the difference?  Why is it important to know the difference?
  7. How did John see himself in relationship to the coming Messiah?  In what way is his perspective instructive to us as we live and minister in Jesus name?
  8. Why did Jesus insist that John baptize Him?  Why do you think it was important that Jesus be baptized by John? What did Jesus baptism accomplish?  See Matt. 3:14-15.
  9. Jesus baptism by John was the beginning of Jesus formal ministry.  Explain the importance of God's witness (in verse 10 - 11) in light of that beginning?  What do we learn about God and Jesus?  Why is that important?
  10. What can we learn from John and Jesus about living in the will of God?
  11. What does this passage reveal about God's promises and how He delivers on those promises? Check out Numbers 23:19.
  12. In what way(s) is the Gospel according to Mark important to each of us as we respond to what John says to each of us in 1 John 2:5,6?  How does this speak to the importance of applying God's Word in our daily lives?
  13. What is your personal take away from Mark 1:1-11?  In what way are you going to apply what you have learned?