Weekly Study Questions

Matthew 28:1-8, "Risen, just as He said"

  1. Discuss and compare the various accounts of Jesus Resurrection as recorded Matthew 28: 1- 10; Mark 16: 1-8; Luke 24:1-12; John 20: 1- 18.  In what ways are they the same and in what ways are they different?  How do all four accounts help us more fully understand this very important moment in time as it is being experienced by Christ's followers?
  2. Clearly the women had come to the tomb expecting to minister to Christ's dead body.  How is it that they had heard Jesus speak of His resurrection and yet they did not believe (including the disciples)? 
  3. In what ways do we still have trouble today believing what Jesus has said He will do?  Why is it that we can hear and yet not believe?
  4. Why did Jesus when He encountered the disciples after His resurrection not take them to task for their unbelief?  Check out His interaction with Thomas in John 20: 24-29.  What do we learn about Jesus through this interaction with Thomas?  In what way does that encourage us in our own faith challenges and failings?
  5. In Romans 6 Paul applies the realities of Jesus resurrection to every believer who has placed their faith in Jesus.  What are those resurrection realities for each of us today?
  6. In what way does this passage point up the importance of the resurrection for each of us as we live out our lives in Jesus?
  7. Why is the resurrection of Jesus so important to our faith according to Paul in 1 Cor. 15: 12-19? 
  8. In what way does Jesus resurrection give you confidence to trust Him for all the other things He has promised to you?  What are those promises? 
  9. In what way is Jesus resurrection going to help you live for Him today?