Weekly Study Questions

Mark 2:23-3:12, "The Lord of the Sabbath"

  1. What is Jesus answer to the Pharisees as they accused His disciples of unlawful conduct on the Sabbath?  In what way does the Pharisees disregard for the precedent set by David help us understand their attitude as they engage Jesus?  What is that attitude?
  2. What does it mean that the "Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath"?  How does this fit with what Jesus said earlier in defense of His disciples eating grain (working) on the Sabbath?
  3. What does it mean when Jesus says He is "Lord even of the Sabbath"?  Check out these passages and discuss if and how Jesus set us free from the Law of the sabbath. Hebrews 4; Hebrews 10; Col. 2:13-17: Ephesian 2:8,9 ...
  4. In what way does Jesus healing of the man with a withered hand illustrate for us and thus help us better understand what He was saying in verses 25-28?
  5. In Mark 3:4 Jesus askes the Pharisees a question.  What is the question and what is the correct answer?  What does the answer tell us about God's intent for the Sabbath?  Check out parallel passages in Matthew12:9-14?
  6. What from this passage do we know about the attitude of the Pharisees?  What does it mean to have "hardness of heart"? 
  7. Why did the Pharisee's silence to Jesus question make Him angry?  What is the difference between being angry and being grieved?  What does this account help us understand about the difference between the heart of the Pharisees and the heart of Jesus?  In what way does Jesus heart and actions help us understand God's original purpose of the Sabbath?
  8. What can we learn from this passage about the heart of God and the nature of Law and grace?  Why is it important that we personally understand the heart of God and the nature of grace, and incorporate that understanding into our lives?
  9. What kind of heart does Jesus want each of us to have? 
  10. What have you learned from this passage and how are you going to apply it this week?