Weekly Study Questions

Mark 4:21-34, "'Our Part' & 'God's Part'"

  1. In what way does verses 21 – 25 help us to understand our part in receiving and responding to the Word of God as represented in the parable of the seed and the soils?
  2. Why does Jesus use a parable of a lamp to explain the soils parable?  What is He explaining and why is it important that we "get it"?
  3. In what way does light and having light produce responsibility to respond to what it reveals?  Check out John 3:16 – 21.
  4. What does it mean in verse 24 when Jesus says, "Take care what you listen to..."?  Why the caution?  Why is it important that we take this caution seriously?  How does this phrase fit with the rest of what Jesus is saying in verse 25?
  5. Why is Jesus caution to "take care what you listen to..." still applicable and important today?  In what ways does Jesus instruction in verse 24-25 speak to the realities that we as believers routinely experience today?  What do we have to lose? What do we have to gain?
  6. What does it mean "by your standard of measure it will be measured to you"?  Is this absolute or is it being applied in some more specific and limited way?  Explain?
  7. In light of the text in Mark 4, what does it mean that "more shall be given" to those who already have?  Who are these who have?  Have what? Given what?
  8. In what way does verses 26 – 29, Jesus parable of the seed help us understand the sovereignty of God and the power resident in His word? 
  9. In what way does the parable of the seed contrast the power of God and the power of man? Why is it important that we understand and accept this when it comes to doing our part and God doing His part?  What does our life tend to look like when we don't get this truth?
  10. What is Jesus referring to when He says, "the kingdom of God"?
  11. What can (do) we learn about the kingdom of God from the parable of the seed in (verses 26-29)?
  12. In what way(s) is the parable of the Mustard Seed a picture of the kingdom of God?  What does it reveal about that kingdom?  P
  13. What have learned about the things we are called to do and the things only God can do?  What are they? 
  14. How are you going to respond this week to the things you are called by God to do?