Weekly Study Questions

Mark 4:35-41, "Fear and Faith"

  1. In what way does the fierce storm make the disciples acutely aware of their need for Jesus?  How does crisis still do that in our lives today?
  2. Notice it was Jesus who requested to cross to the other side that set up the opportunity for crisis and miracle.  What would you say to someone who would say of this account that Jesus was "setting His disciples up for failure"?
  3.  In what way does God orchestrate events today and for what purpose?  What does He want us to really know? 
  4.  In what ways do we have the opportunity (like the disciples ) to encounter "who Jesus really is" in everyday experiences?  Explain? 
  5. When in your own experience has this happened?  What did you personally learn about Jesus (and yourself) through that experience and how has that "knowing" impacted your life?
  6.  In what way did the life experience strengthen your faith?  Challenge your faith?
  7. What is the difference between exercising faith in Jesus in the "no big deal" times of life and the "big deal" times of life?  Why is that?  What part does fear play in these times?
  8. What was the underlying assumption of the disciple’s question to Jesus in verse 38?  Why is this question more than just a question but also an accusation?  What is it accusing Jesus of?
  9.  In what ways as we experience circumstances and crisis in our own lives are we tempted to question Jesus in the same way?  What does that reveal about our understanding and confidence in who Jesus is?  How does fear connect with doubt and undermine our faith?
  10. In what way does Jesus question to His disciples "Why are you afraid?  Do you still have no faith?" point up the true nature of this moment of crisis for the disciples?
  11. How does this account help us understand how faith challenges fear, and fear challenges faith? Why is it important that we know this very important truth?
  12. Can fear and faith co-exist?  How?  Include in your answer the fact that the disciples did ultimately go to Jesus for help?
  13. According to verse 40 Jesus said they had "no faith".  When does "little" faith become "no" faith? Is there a difference, and what is it?
  14. What would this account have looked like if the disciples would have had the faith Jesus spoke about?  In what ways would it have been the same? Different?
  15. Why is the question the disciples ask each other in verse 41 so amazing in light of the fact that they have been with Jesus for more than a year?  How does that speak to our continued growth and understanding of "who Jesus really is"?
  16. What are your fears that challenge your faith?  In what way is Jesus giving you opportunity to know who He really is, address your fears, and live in faith in Him?
  17. How are you going to apply what God has revealed to you through this passage?