Weekly Study Questions

Mark 6:14 - 29, "Answering the Question"

  1. How does the account of John the Baptist execution in this passage fit with Mark's purpose of helping us understand who Jesus is?
  2. According to verse 14 what is the actual question people are attempting to answer?
  3. In what way does asking and answering the wrong question keep us from really coming to terms with who Jesus is? 
  4. What is the right question they should be asking if they really want to know the reason for this miraculous manifestation of power?  What is that question and how would Mark have them answer it?
  5. How does this passage help us understand who Jesus is and isn't?  Why is that important?
  6. In what way does this passage help us understand the way people can make decisions concerning Jesus based upon incomplete or erroneous information?  In what way is that true today?  Why is Scripture (Bible) the source we should go to if we really want to know who Jesus is?
  7. In Mark's day who did the people think Jesus was?  Why do you think they thought that?  In what way does what people think and say about Jesus influence our understanding of who Jesus is? Then and now?
  8. In what way does Herod's personal experiences shape his understanding of who Jesus is?  In what way do personal experiences, both good and bad, shape our understanding of who Jesus is?  Of accepting who He is?
  9. What can we learn from this passage about the power of peer pressure?  Why is it important that we understand that power when it comes to making our own decisions concerning Jesus?
  10. What have you learned from this passage and in what way are you going to apply it in your own life?