Weekly Study Questions

Mark 6:30 - 44, "The Challenge"

  1. In what way does Mark reveal who Jesus is through the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand? Who is He? 
  2. In what way does the feeding of the five thousand reveal who the disciples are, and by extension who we are in the service of our Lord?  Why does that matter today?
  3. In verse 34 it says that Jesus felt compassion for them "because they were like sheep without a shepherd".  What does that mean and why is it important in understanding the heart of God?  Is this still true of people today?
  4.  Why did Jesus ask the disciples to do the seemingly impossible work of feeding the multitude?  What was their response?  What would your response have been?
  5. Why do you think Jesus was not interested in what they did not have, or what they could not do, but rather what they did have and what they could do?
  6. What could they do and what did they have?  Why was it important that they give it to Jesus?
  7. What did the disciples learn about giving their not enough to Jesus and then seeing Jesus make it enough? Why was that an important lesson for the future ministry of the disciples?  For our service for Jesus today?
  8. Why were there 12 baskets of leftover, one for each disciple?  What did Jesus want the disciples to know?  In what way did knowing this equip them for future ministry?
  9. In what way was this miracle not so much for the multitude but for the disciples? 
  10. What was it that Jesus wanted the disciples to understand about the ministry He was calling them to, and their inability to do it in their own power?
  11. Please discuss this passage in relation to Phil. 4:13; Hebrews 11:6, and 2 Cor. 8:12.  In what way does Mark's account of the feeding of the five thousand illustrate the truth found in the previous verses? 
  12. How would God have the truth of these verses manifested in our lives?
  13. What have you learned and what are you going to do with what you have learned?