Weekly Study Questions

Mark 6:45-52, "Connecting the Dots"

  1. Why do you think Jesus sent the disciples immediately away to Bethsaida instead of going with them Himself?  Check out John 6:15.
  2. What do we learn from this passage about prayer and the priority Jesus gives it?  Given who Jesus is and what He can obviously do, why pray?  Why not just do?
  3. Even though Jesus is not physically with His disciples how do we know He cares and is concerned for them?  What does this passage tell us about Jesus care and concern for us?
  4. From this passage discuss what it means to obey Jesus even when we encounter strong headwinds in our doing so.  Is resistance normal?  Why or why not?   What do the strong headwinds require of us if we are to obey and fulfill Jesus commands?
  5. Why do you think Jesus chose to walk on water to rejoin His disciples rather than simply walking around the sea and meeting them on the other side?
  6. What does it mean in verse 48 when it says that Jesus "intended to pass them by"?  Why would He do that?
  7. Why were the disciples afraid when they saw Jesus?  What made them lose courage and what gave them courage?  What are you afraid of?  Where do you need Jesus to give you courage?
  8. Why did Jesus answer their fear with "it is I"?  Why is this assurance so important for us today?
  9. What does it mean that they had not gained any insight (put together, comprehended, understood, connected the dots) from the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand?
  10. What was it that Jesus wanted them to get from the feeding of the five thousand that would have equipped them to respond differently in this situation?
  11. Mark goes on to say that the fear, the astonishment, the failure to connect the dots was a product of the fact that their heart was hardened.  What does it mean to have a hardened heart?  How can a heart that is hardened prevent one from truly knowing who Jesus is and living in the reality of that truth?
  12. In what way would this account have been different if the disciples would have had soft hearts? 
  13. From this passage how can we detect the condition of our own hearts?  What are we afraid of?  What are you astonished about when it comes to who Jesus is and what He can do?  What will you just not receive or believe?
  14. How can we soften our hearts? How would Jesus have me continue to soften my heart?
  15. What insight have we gained from this passage and how are we going to live in it?