About Us:

The Summit Youth Group is a community where students can support each other as they go through the struggles of life and explore their faith.

We are committed to discussing who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him.  Youth are encouraged to be open and honest about what they believe.  Those who follow Jesus are taught to grow deeper in that conviction and work at aligning all parts of their life to that conviction.  It is our hope that they will stay committed to Jesus for the rest of their lives.


Relationships—We spend time getting to know one another so that we have a safe place to share, friends to comfort, and can truly love each other.

Serving—Jesus served, and we want to be like Him So we serve each other when we get together, serve our church, and serve people in our community.

Events & Games—Fun is an important component of what we do.  We want the students to enjoy our group.


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