Our Vision

“Making lifelong followers of Jesus who become more like him every day.”

The product of the Summit Church is transformed lives. Our various programs exist to make committed, lifelong followers of Jesus who become more and more like Him each day. This is our vision and all of our ministries exist to accomplish this goal.


So how exactly do you make a follower of Jesus? What can a person do to see their life changed into the image of Christ? Our strategy for accomplishing the vision includes 3 components:

  • Connecting you to a small group
  • Training you to practice 5 Habits for Christian growth (listed below)
  • Reaching your 8-15 with the gospel

We believe that a person who is connected in meaningful relationships with others, and who is regularly practicing the 5 Habits below, and who is actively reaching others with the message of salvation will remain a lifelong follower of Jesus whose life is being changed more and more into the image of Christ.

5 Habits for Christian Growth

The bottom line is that we can’t walk with God for you. The church has an important role but each person is ultimately responsible for their own spiritual life. These 5 habits are about spending time with Jesus throughout the week. Sundays are important but we encourage people at The Summit to follow Jesus on the other six days as well. We train and encourage these 5 habits so that individuals can take responsibility to grow in their relationship with God. There are a number of practices that help Christians grow toward maturity. We believe these 5 are essential:

Daily Devotions – Spending time with God each day.
Prayer – Maintaining open and honest communication with God.
The Word – Bible study and memorization. It’s hard to obey God if we don’t know what he says.
Worship – Celebrating God’s presence and honoring Him with our lifestyle.
Giving ourselves away to meet the needs of others – God generously gave himself and we should too.